Thursday, August 23, 2007

First Entry

Welcome to the Redneck Studio blog. I am an artist and an animator and I want to post production images and notes about the various projects that I'll be working on.

My name is Ronald Lanham Jr. and I graduated from the University of South Alabama with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design and painting. I haven't been much good since. While in my senior year I discovered 3d animation with Cinema 4D and later Lightwave and other cgi programs. Since that time I have been teaching myself animation. Over the last two years I have added 2d animation to my palette with a program called Toon Boom Studio. Toon Boom is really cool and I'll probably talk about it in a later post.

Obviously as an artist and an animator I love comic books, anime, and traditional 2d and 3d/cgi animation. I also love scifi, fantasy, and horror in any medium, particularly books and movies.

I also love politics. I am a libertarian-Republican, so I love minimum government with maximum freedom. I'll definitely talk about that later. My political blog can be found at as The America Report

Well thanks for reading and keep returning. You never know it might even be worth it.

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