Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Well I have become a statistic. As of January 19, I became one of the millions in this country that have been laid off. But as a Christian I have been looking at this as an opportunity. I now have the time I need to build up my portfolio and demo reel.

Anyway, on the blog front I have been active on my "America Report" blog. I have sort of been syndicated on the "Libertarian Republican" blog. The owner has shown one of my cartoons with plans to show one or two a week. I have three new political cartoons up for viewing.

With the time that I now seem to have I am about to start up on the Hallowindow experiment that I mentioned a few months ago. Also apparently according to that entry I was out of the political cartoon business. Well, I guess my mood did swing back.

On that note I've also updated the link to the "Obama's Head" animation that I put up last year. I was tired of clicking onto the site and having the thing automatically play. It's somewhat disconcerting to hear your own disembodied voice speaking to you for the umpteenth time. So I linked to the YouTube version, because quite frankly I didn't want to rewrite the Flash version to have a play button.

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